What We Do

At Quest Health Information Management Solutions, we offer a spectrum of services related to release of information (ROI) and document management to help our clients provide the highest quality of care to their patients.


Release of Information Services (ROI)

At Quest HIMS, we let you decide how much involvement you want in the process, and we take care of the rest. The Release of Information (ROI) process is a continuum. We can pick up the process at any point and work quickly to complete the requests. As you increase your involvement in the process, the revenue share increases proportionally. Take a look at our Process page to clarify the steps in the process.



Our online eAccess Portal allows requesters the ability to access their records easily. This portal is designed to be straightforward enough for the one-time user, but also robust enough for high-volume clients.


Screenshot of the eAccess Portal

Example of the eAccess Portal

To better manage requests coming from Quest HIMS, the eAccess Portal is divided into three sections:

  • Unpaid and not viewed/downloaded
    • This section is where the request will start, pending payment
    • You will be able to see the patient name, facility name and invoice amount
    • The invoice amount links to a copy of the invoice as needed
  • Paid and not viewed/downloaded
    • Once payment is made (or for those requests where there is no amount due), the request will drop to this section, activating the “records” link for viewing/downloading
  • Paid and viewed/downloaded
    • After the invoice has been paid and the records have been viewed/downloaded, access to the request will remain active for 60 days.
    • Once the 60-day term expires, the individual request can be seen. However, the file containing the medical record will no longer be available.


Application access

All clients and partners have access to the Quest HIMS application. Within this application, clients have the ability to monitor requests, update priority, or leave special instructions.

For the purpose of transparency, all notes added by Quest HIMS will be visible to all authorized users.

  • Facility reporting statistics, including:
    • Turnaround times
    • Volume stats (Requests and page counts)
      • By requester type
      • By delivery method
      • By status
      • By billable v. non-billable
    • Productivity numbers for individual users

These reports are available for any date range (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily).