Get Access

Whether you are a patient requesting your own medical records, an attorney’s office wanting records on a client or an insurance company needing access to patient information, you have the ability to access your requested information through our eAccess Portal.

For those requesters with multiple requests in the system, this portal functions as your own request management system within Quest HIMS.  You have the ability to pay for the records, view any requests pending payment or pending download as well as see all requests in which you have already paid and have downloaded, right from a single page designed with your needs in mind.

You are eligible to sign up for this service once any request for information has been fulfilled by Quest HIMS.

Before you start the process, you will need the following:

  • Quest HIMS Request #/Invoice #
  • Invoice Amount
  • Access Code (found on any Quest HIMS invoice)
  • eMail address

Follow this link to start the sign-up process and gain access to your requested records:

For more information on the eAccess Portal, please visit the Services page