About Us

With headquarters in metro St. Louis, Quest Health Information Management Solutions is the fastest growing Release of Information (ROI) and Disclosure Management company servicing healthcare providers Nationwide.

Quest’s commitment to uncompromised customer service supported by world class technology has allowed Quest HIMS to excel. We realize there is a greater than ever need to control the flow of information. To do this, we offer our clients service on a continuum. We can provide traditional full service, onsite staffing, or remote services — whichever suits your needs — to help you do your best for your clients.

We reduce the burden on healthcare organizations as it relates to release of information and disclosure management by giving you the quick, comprehensive service you need to do your job well. We provide revenue that more than covers the cost of your on-site process and constantly focus on improving procedures on our end. Contact us to learn how we can streamline processes at your facility.